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  • The world’s most versatile tie-wrap
  • Safe, reusable, all weather resistant, planet friendly
  • Banding the world together

Kwik Bandits have many uses...

Picture of the Kwik Bandit replacing a dangerous bungee cord

Safely Secure Items

Kwik-Bandit began with a very simple need, finding a way to quickly and safely bundle and secure items.

The need was so simple and so basic, but the market was still filled with bungee cords, straps and ties that have been the same clumsy, dangerous tools people have been using for decades.

Picture of the Kwik Bandit Garden Tie

The Ideal Garden Tie

We built the first Kwik-Bandit to simplify our lives, but quickly discovered how much it can help others.

A rubber strap that takes seconds to attach, has no dangerous snap back or hooks and lasts through hundreds of repeat uses.

People use it to wrap cords, bundle items, stake trees, tie down loads, hold sports gear together, support tomato plants, secure cam locks, replace chains on trucks, and so much more.

Picture of using Kwik Bandits to secure equipment on an ATV

Hundreds of Uses

Horticulture: Vineyards, Nurseries, Gardening Centers, Landscaping, Securing Tools

Outdoor Gear: Camping, Fishing, Backpacking, Adventure, ATV Equipment, Water Sports

Home and Garden: Secure Power Cords, Cable Ties, Strapping, Binding, Mounting

Photo of the 3 sizes of Kwik Bandits

Available in 3 Sizes

8 Inch model – 10 lbs break strength

14 inch model – 35 lbs break strength – optional locking pin

24 inch model – 70 lbs break strength – optional locking pin

Retail Displays Available

Your Customers will appreciate this handy tie-wrap.  Reusable, environmentally friendly, and safe to use