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A Better Case – Featuring ProSense Customization


  • Two Stage Retractable Soft Grip Handles with Quick Release & Power Claw Latch
  • Waterproof – IP67 Rated & Impact Resistant
  • Customizable Top and Bottom Panels & Custom Foam Options from ProSense
  • Cases come in 31 Sizes and 10 Colors & Available with Your Logo

How to Protect Almost Anything

ProSense Offers Foam, Inside Panel, and Logo Customization for Nanuk

Picture of ProSense Nanuk Customization Icons
Picture of Nanuk 2022 Catalog English Thumbnail

Nanuk 2022 Catalog – English

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Nanuk 2022 Catalog – French


When you sell a Nanuk, your customers will appreciate you for providing a stylish, yet rugged case to protect everything from a phone to a drone