The ProSense Team:


Barry Calhoun - President / CEO

Barry founded ProSense Ltd. in 2009 and continues to excel in his professional Sales career that began more than 20 years ago. He has become a specialist in both Power Quality and Power Protection over the past 12 years; this has led ProSense Ltd to expand in to many markets, with many products. Barry strives to bring his clients the best solutions by building on existing foundations, and introducing new technology.

Jennifer Calhoun - Partner

Jennifer has been an integral part of ProSense Ltd. since its inception. She has a history of successful sales with consumer products and is passionate about providing service to her clients.

Phone: (403) 869-1207

Richard Horne - Vice President

Richard Horne brings to ProSense Ltd. over 30 years of sales & marketing management, operational management, product & material management and HR experience with many different companies, including a Hydraulics Tools Manufacturer, an Industrial Computers Systems Manufacturer, and a Communications Manufacturer. Richard will assist in bringing the best solutions for customer support, operational management, and the company's marketing & sales programs.

Phone: (403) 910-0497


Jeff Calhoun - IT support

Jeff brings to ProSense Ltd. over 20 years of Information Technology management and consulting experience.  He has a strong track record working with many different verticals like Oil and Gas, Government, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, Law, and Aviation. Jeff continues to invest in new technologies that will bring value to his clients whether that be utilizing the cloud or on-premise solutions.  He will always make sure the client’s IT requirements are looked after by following his own trifecta of principles: “TRI – Trust, Respect, and Integrity” aligned with the ProSense mantra that solutions must be “Proactive” and “Sensible”.

Stephen Leber - Sales Manager

Stephen brings to ProSense decades of experience in providing solutions and services for businesses. Stephen’s background includes sales in telecom, data, and wireless. Stephen has also spent many successful years in distribution; supplying contractors and integrators with phone systems, commercial audio, and security hardware. Stephen likens himself to a geek wannabe, learning about new technologies and introducing cutting edge solutions in the marketplace.

Phone: (403)519-1606

Dave Courtemanche (British Columbia)

Dave has conquered the photography industry by representing products ranging from consumables to capital equipment for 30 years. Calling on Specialty Dealers as well as Major Retail has allowed him to be recognized as a true Sales Professional

Phone: (604) 341-5149

Gilles Dubreuil (Quebec & Ontario)

Gilles has been in the photographic industry for almost 35 years. He had managed stores for almost 25 years, and then decided to switch sides, becoming a Sales Representative in 2001. In 2008 Gilles had decided to venture out on his own representing companies as their agent. Gilles has now been representing ProSense Ltd as our agent in QC and ON since February 2012.

Phone: (514) 235-1521


Leo MacDougal (Atlantic Provinces)

Leo has been selling to the building supply industry for 27 years and has worked for large and small distribution companies along the way. He started his own company, Fastener Source in 2015 and has had great success so far working hard and  enjoying it.

 Phone: ( 902) 401-2549