One of the most popular features of our UnitedCloud Business Phone platform is Voicemail-to-Email Transcription. It’s a surprisingly useful feature, but one you might not fully appreciate until you actually give it a try.

If you only get a few calls, you might find it simpler to just listen to your voicemails. But once the call numbers start to climb, you’ll really appreciate the option to receive your voicemails as written text.

Here are some ways that voicemail-to-email transcription makes things better for those overwhelmed by calls.

Prioritization: If you’re overloaded with voicemails, you’ll need to prioritize who to call back first. With Voicemail-to-Email Transcription, you can visually scan for names and key content. It’s much faster than listening to long voice messages, and you’ll be able to triage your call-backs in half the time.

Stealth Check: When you’re in a meeting or out with friends or family, you won’t want to bring everything to a halt just to check your voicemails. Checking your emails is much less disruptive and allows you to watch for those critical updates while still being engaged in the world around you.

No Re-listening (or Even Listening): Have you ever checked your voicemail and then had to write something down? An event time or an address? Where IS that pen you had a second ago? Depending on how fast that information is coming down the pipe, you might have to listen two or three times to jot it all down. With transcription, it’s all there in your email. You may never have to decipher your own rushed scribbles again!

Save Time (Possibly LOTS of Time): Everyone has customers who are great conversationalists – even in voicemails. That can be a good thing. But when time is tight, you can cut to the chase and skip all the pleasantries. Pop open your email and just scan to the real reason for the call.

There’s Always the Voice Recording: We know that voice transcription isn’t 100% accurate yet especially with calls made in noisy environments. That’s why you’ll always get an audio file of the voicemail included as an attachment. You can use text transcriptions to speed up the process, and in critical cases where the text seems a little “off” you can always jump to the audio file. You get the best of both worlds.