Toshiba UPS

  • Toshiba's UPS systems have a wide input voltage and frequency window that ensures the output power remains continuous and regulated, regardless of input (voltage or frequency) fluctuations. Other UPS systems will switch to battery power at the slightest voltage and/or frequency fluctuations; however Toshiba's systems will only operate on battery during extreme brownouts and blackouts.
  • Toshiba UPS systems have an automatic bypass. During extreme overload, the Toshiba UPS will automatically "bypass" from inverter power and then switch back to full UPS operation when the overload condition is corrected. UPS systems without automatic bypass are unable to maintain the load, resulting in data loss and possible hardware damage.
  • Toshiba's hot-swappable batteries allow the user to replace the battery packs during on-line operations and ensure 100% up-time. This feature offered on specified models.
  • A wide variety of receptacle panels allow Toshiba's UPS products to adapt to multiple applications and different types of equipment.
  • Toshiba's optional RemotEye? II and III features a web-based interface allowing for the remote monitoring of your Toshiba UPS information from any network with a web browser.
  • A wide variety of options and accessories are available. Power distribution options include hot-swappable battery packs (1600XP Series), maintenance bypass panels, power distribution units (PDU), and remote power panels (RPP).
  • All of our UPS systems come with a three-year parts and labour warranty backed by Toshiba's 24/7 technical support, and a two year full replacement warranty on the batteries. Extended Warranties and Service Plans are available.

Powervar UPS

POWERVAR uninterruptible power managers (UPM) combine surge diversion and noise filtering with a highly efficient low-impedance isolation transformer. Sizes range from 240 VA to 1440 VA with a variety of connection styles for your application needs.

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