Think beyond fast, cost-effective, and reliable. 
Think about innovation and proven technology. A secure and agile infrastructure that is not limited to device type



Define your ideal network (infrastructure)!

ProSense Ltd. can make that happen for you. Whether you would like all your business processes to be in the cloud; a local physical server based infrastructure, or a hybrid of cloud and server based applications, we can engineer or upgrade the network for your business to work the way you want!

Services and solutions that we offer:
Project management
Data room builds
Servers: small business, enterprise, towers, rack mount, blade
Power assurance and power quality - disaster recovery solution
Switches - to deliver the most flexible network solution for your business
Security solutions
Cabling: copper and fiber
Wireless - point to point (eliminating trenching), wireless data transmission over IP, wireless PA systems
Wi-Fi - controller, virtual controller, controllerless, cloud managed
Cloud IP phone systems
Desktop, laptop, and tablets
Backup solutions (cloud or local/hybrid)
Fully tested disaster recovery planning
Maintenance and consultation


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To ask us about any of your networking needs please contact us:  403-910-0500.