LED Lighting
The long life of LED lighting systems realize significant energy and maintenance savings. LED lighting solutions are ideal for warehouses, offices, hospitality and retail. LED lighting make efficient parking lot lighting and creative  outdoor lighting.
LED Technology
LED stands for light-emitting diode. With traditional light sources, such as incandescent and fluorescent, light is produced by heating a filament to incandescence or establishing an electrical arc through a gas mixture. LED operates on a fundamentally different principle. It is solid state lighting – emitting light from a small semiconducting chip when a current is applied.

Quick ROI! We will show you how soon your investment will pay for itself. Government rebates available to assist in the cost of replacement.

An Energy Audit and Optimization study.

An energy audit and optimization study can help you implement an energy efficient program that puts money back into your business. Most facilities are using energy inefficiently. Let us help you find where you losing energy and improve your bottom line. We will provide this at no charge to you.

Electrical Design and Installation

ProSense Ltd. will work with you to design a cost effective solution that takes into consideration efficiency, safety, ergonomics and productivity. Our work is backed by a one year guarantee, alongside the manufacturer's warranty provided.

Why LED lighting?

  1. Reduce Costs: Less heat and long life translates into energy savings.  By upgrading your existing, inefficient fixtures, you can expect to reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%. With improved lighting quality and a smarter lighting design, you will need fewer fixtures, increasing your energy savings even more.
  2. Save on maintenance costs: No filament. or tube to break. One of the greatest benefits of installing LEDs is their long operating life. Most LED fixtures are rated for a lifespan of 90,000 hours, based on the L70 industry standard. That’s more than 10-years of continuous operation with a minimum of 70% lumen maintenance or brightness. Unlike traditional lighting technologies, industrial LEDs don’t burn-out or flicker. Instead, they gradually fade over time. And this all happens so slowly that you won’t even realize it’s happening.
  3. Save on operation costs: LED fixtures are virtually maintenance-free, meaning less time and expense spent maintaining and replacing light bulbs — not to mention the operational downtime and scaffolding/lift rental costs involved. And because LEDs don’t get hot like traditional lighting fixtures, dust and dirt is not going to bake on, diminishing the light output.
  4. Save the environment: LED is the most environmentally friendly light source other than sunlight. LED lighting has no mercury. Saves energy.
  5. Improved light quality: LEDs offer a dramatic lighting upgrade over traditional metal halide and high intensity discharge fixtures. They deliver whiter, brighter lighting that can help to improve productivity, employee morale and safety.
  6. Workplace safety: By eliminating the high-risk maintenance and replacement requirements of your traditional lighting system, the potential for workplace accidents can be significantly reduced. No one is going to be burned by touching a hot light. Plus brighter lighting and even light distribution on the ground can lead to fewer slips, trips and falls and other safety incidents. 
  7. Customizable: Creative outdoor lighting. Accent your building's features.