The UnitedCloud platform is a real game-changer in many ways, especially compared with traditional phone systems. One of the chief differences is the flexibility it offers, and the ease of adding extra lines, extensions and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers.

Here are just a few ways that this flexibility can benefit your business.


Marketing your business is becoming increasingly complex, and the methodology is rapidly changing. If you advertise on the web, you can use analytics to measure visits, likes or click-throughs, but what can you do to measure other media? With UnitedCloud, it’s easy to use dedicated DID numbers in your campaign materials. Keep a block of DIDs on hand and use one number for radio, another for bus signage, and another for print ads. Then you can quickly compare the success of each using UnitedCloud’s Management Portal to see which medium is more effective.

Local Dialing:

Do you have a large centralized business that services a wide geographic area? Do the majority of your customers live in a few key regions? You can get local numbers in those regions to make it appear that you have a local physical presence, and eliminate long distance charges for callers from that area. You can even customize your message based on region. Let’s say you run a roofing company that works with regional contractors. You could set up a phone number on-the-fly in an area hit by a heavy hail storm, and use that in your marketing. You could then answer that line with a discount offer to further entice customers. You could even use messages-on-hold to tell customers about insurance requirements or other details specific to that storm. Customers from other regions would call the regular line and get a more standard response.

Consistent Call Answer:

Even if you have physical locations across the country, you may still want to centralize your calls to one location for quality purposes. If each location deals with their own customer calls, you’re going to have large variations in the quality of service, especially if answering phones is just a small part of their overall job duties. By dedicating one or two people to answering all your customer calls at a central location, you can ensure everyone gets the same professional, friendly, knowledgeable response. The individual answering the phones knows it’s their number one priority. Hire an individual who excels at customer communications and train them well, and you’ll know all your clients will get the best possible service.