Raycap develops innovative surge protection, connectivity and monitoring solutions that support and protect the world’s critical energy infrastructure, telecommunications, power and transportation networks.


 DC Protection

Protecting your operation doesn’t have to be difficult.

DC Protection Solutions -Grouping 300x150Raycap DC surge protection products safeguard DC-powered equipment: telecommunications, energy, defense, utility and other critical infrastructures. Raycap’s cell tower lightning protection solutions have been developed specifically to protect Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and Base Band Units (BBUs) – both parts of a distributed base station architecture – providing cell site surge protection from electrical over voltage damage caused by lightning strikes. Our PV lightning protection solutions are thoroughly tested to international standards and suitable for use in both AC and DC power environments. Find the answer to any surge protection need with our innovative off-the-shelf or fully customized DC power protection solutions.

High capacity protection for DC applications

ACData products from Raycap provide 24 and 48 volt DC surge suppression solutions for telecommunications and light-industrial applications.
 Products in this group include features such as:
  • Up to 60 volt DC continuous operating voltage
  • Feed-through design with no series impedance
  • Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) suppression technology provides low let-through voltage
  • Light-Emitting Diode (LED) indicator visually verifies correct polarity and installation
  • Screw-down terminal strips for easy installation

Strikesorb 35 DC Surge Protective Device

Raycap’s innovative Strikesorb 35 surge protective device is designed specifically for DC applications operating at voltage up to 1500 V and is compliant with the UL 1449 4th edition and EN 50539-11 standards. 
Category IEC / UL: Type 1 per EN 50539-11, Type 2 Component Assembly per UL 15449 4th Ed.
Location of use: DC power installations for example: photovoltaic, power semiconductor, and other DC applications.
Maximum Continuous Operating DC Voltage: [Ucpv]: Up to 1500V
Nominal Discharge Current: [In] per UL 1449 4th Edition: 20kA 8/20 μs (except for 35-D-HV-M)
Protective elements: MOV
Impulse Discharge Current: L [limp] per EN 50539-11: 12.5 kA 10/350 μs
Housing:  Strikesorb’s patented design minimizes the effects of ageing and completely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure, explosion or fire.
Complies with: EN 50539-11 & UL 1449 4th Edition