If you work in a busy office, retail or warehouse environment where you and your staff are always on the move, the Grandstream DP720/750 may be just the devices you’re looking for.

The DP720s are easy-to-use high-quality DECT cordless IP phones. Built for durability, their compact size makes them easy to carry. Get started with the DP750 base station, then add the DP720 handsets you need. You can pair up to 5 handsets to a single base station. The base station can handle up to 4 simultaneous calls, so your calls won’t get backed up even when things get hectic.

When multiple handsets share the same SIP account you can take advantage of ring groups/hunt groups, ensuring all calls are answered. This is ideal for situations where you’ve got multiple team members handling similar tasks. If three of your staff are already on calls or with customers, you can still have two more handsets available to take the next call. The DP720’s 10 hour talk time means you’ll be ready when the phone rings even on the busiest days.

With a range of 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors, the DP720/750s are perfect devices for retail and warehouse environments or any situation where staff are not tied to desks.

They’re also great phones for home use, or for the busy executive who prefers to think (and talk) on their feet.


  • The DP750 Base Station can support up to 5 DP720 Handsets
  • Up to 10 SIP accounts per system; up to 10 lines per handset; up to 4 concurrent calls per DECT system
  • Range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors
  • 10 hours talk time, 80 hours standby time
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts
  • 3-way voice conferencing, full HD audio, integrated PoE
  • 3.5mm headset jack on handsets