Built-in Tensioning Lever

A better way to secure your load and tie down your belongings.
12 Ft. of rope.
Delivers incredible tensioning power / Allows tension to be released with ease.


Transport Canada compliant.
 Load rating embossed on Quickie block.

3/8 ” Ratchet Quickie:
650 lb. working load rating
Large 2″ diameter hooks
12 ft. of replaceable rope

1/4 ” Ratchet Quickie:
225 lb. working load rating
12 ft. of replaceable rope
Great for roof racks

1/8 ” Ratchet Quickie:
150 lb. working load rating
6 ft. of replaceable rope
Replaces Bungee Cords

  • Once secured the Quickie won’t slip.
  • Internal ratchet locks and the patented non-slip pulley wheel holds rope secure.
  • Extremely strong,military grade materials won’t corrode or bend.
  • Smooth operation in muddy and icy conditions.
  • Braided rope, low stretch, UV resistant, replaceable with any length.
  • Can be used as come-a-long.

New Tensioning Quickie with How to Tie The Knot.

How Quickies Perform with Ice and Mud.

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