The most versatile and light weight bottle active people will appreciate. Featured in sports, outdoor and family magazines. 

Best product concept in 2013 International Houseware Show.
The winner of the Next Big Zing award.

The Most Versatile Bottle Ever Designed

Roll Bubi up / Keep Bubi cool or hot / Bubi is light for travel / Bubi is waterproof storage / Bubi is microwave and freezer safe / Bubi is mold-resistant / bpa-free / Bubis are dishwasher safe / Bubi is foldable /reversable to clean

hot or cold beverages / hot or cold compress / ice or hot pack / hot or cold pillow / stress relief / arthritis pain relief / warming bed, hands, ski boots / hydration

laundry detergent / cleaning products / dry or liquid medicine / milk, juice , breast milk / dry goods such as rice, oatmeal, coffee

Use Everywhere
hiking / outdoors / at the beach / by the pool / water sports / scuba diving canoeing / sailing / camping / school / office/


Your customers will really appreciate this versatile bottle and will want to collect all 8 colors. For your first order, we will provide one case with each color to test what colors will be the most popular.

.65 L (22 oz.) / .4 L (14 oz.) / Baby Bubi  

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