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Our four key products that are used in oil & gas are:

    1. W*intercom is a wireless PA and phone system used to provide reliable service for drilling rigs and camps and other loud industrial environments where wires cannot practically be used.
      2. Zipline is a wireless POTS Line replacement and phone line extender: the fastest, least expensive way to get phone lines and Internet between two locations up to a mile apart.
      3. Airborne is a fully meshed easy to use wireless Ethernet radio that can be installed by anyone to connect multiple outdoor locations with a wireless network. Designed to withstand harsh environments.
      4. MoNet is a wireless modem over IP that is an ideal solution for a business that needs a phone line in a remote location where a standard wired phone line is not available or extremely expensive to install. For example, a parking meter that needs access for credit card verification.

There are so many wireless ethernet radio systems to chose from. Why does the world need another one?
Extreme Speed VoIP Grade Wireless Ethernet installs in 2 hours!

• Most businesses cant afford the installation costs of wireless ethernet radios.
• Provisioning  a reliable, secure VoIP grade link takes a lot more knowledge than most people realize. Programming choices made during installation can make your wireless network insecure, unreliable, non-VoIP grade, or all three. Let us worry about the technical aspects.

Our customers install our ZipLine product without even using a laptop. Try and see how worry-free a wireless ethernet installation can be! Everything comes pre-programmed in one box. No programming, no antenna selection, no trips to the hardware store!

Introducing the Airborne58 with Secure Setup in Seconds™

Many industrial sites have unique communication challenges we believe are not served by traditional approaches. 
Airborne58 replaces cat5 or cat6 ethernet cable. Our fully meshed radio technology makes every radio a repeater. There are no Masters or Slaves, Access Points or Clients. 
Teletics wireless communications products are on thousands of industrial sites around the world with many types of businesses including Oil and Gas drilling rigs, unmanned fuel sites, electrical substations, electrical and gas meters and many more. These tough environments and folks doing the installations have better things to do than fiddle with communications.

W*INTERCOM™ Wireless Intercom for Drilling Rigs and Mobile Worksites.

Ideal for providing reliable wireless communications on a drilling rig site, or any temporary work camp that moves frequently. Professional Grade wireless that provides phone, Internet, LOUD ring and PA (public address) to improve safety and make communications teardown and setup during moves a thing of the past.

Designed for specifically for rapid installation by staff with minimal computer skills. With the launch of the w*intercom wireless intercom family of products this entire system is now open and SIP compliant.

The w*intercom system will work “right out or the box” or allow Asterisk integrators and service providers a robust “industrial grade” wireless intercom, phone, Internet, and public address platform which allows rapid field deployment combined with simple development of custom services and telephony options for field sites.

MONET™, the world’s only standalone Modem over IP (MoIP) Network Interface.

Used by electrical utility with revenue meters, or the fuel business who need to update fuel access lists, or need remote machines to provide credit card verification. Remote security sites, SCADA or telemetry modems. These are a handful of examples of where remote modems are used.

The MoNet allows you to access these modems over the internet, or through cellular data networks, WiFi, or private Wide Area Networks. Modem over IP, VOIP and MOP. Cost savings versus phone line access can amount to tens of thousands of dollars when deploying MoNet. The best part is that you do not need to change anything on your host computer to dial into a MoNet site – it’s just like using modems. Save Money with MoNet!

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