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Ruckus Wireless, Inc. is a global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile internet infrastructure and enterprise market. Ruckus is leading the way for the new generation of users by offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor "Smart Wi-Fi" products keeping the world connected for every aspect of life.
The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what's possible in wireless network performance with reliability, flexibility, and affordability. We call this pervasive performance.


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Wicked-Fast Wi-Fi at the Right Price for Your Business

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) need fast, reliable Wi-Fi just as much as large enterprises. What they don’t need are enterprise-scale costs and complexity. Traditionally, you had to choose: Do you want a high-end system with the features you need, but that requires an advanced degree to set up and operate? Or do you want a consumer-grade solution that’s easy to work with—because it was designed for somebody’s living room?

That’s not much of a choice. But there’s a better option. With Ruckus, you get all the Wi-Fi performance, reliability and scalability your business needs, at a fraction of the cost of conventional wireless solutions. We pack in tons of advanced features to give you performance-grade Wi-Fi. But we make them almost entirely automated. So you don’t have to figure out how to make them all work—they just do.


Cloud Wi-Fi simplifies the complexity of deploying and managing a WLAN without sacrificing the great Wi-Fi experience that users demand and that IT is expected to provide. Effectively managing and troubleshooting an on-premise controller-based Wi-Fi network requires dedicated staff and network expertise. The challenge becomes more acute with a multi-site network.

Cloud Wi-Fi makes it possible for lightly staffed (or just plain overworked) IT organizations to face a multi-site challenge with confidence. Users only care about how good the Wi-Fi is, though. Cloud Wi-Fi is the first cloud managed Wi-Fi that actually delivers a service that users love. Goodbye complaints, hello accolades.


With a modern, intent-driven user interface, managing your WLANs couldn’t be more intuitive. A configurable dashboard puts the most important information front-and center, so you can respond quickly when issues arise. An equally intuitive mobile app allows network admins to configure and monitor the network from any iOS or Android device. Event alerts mean less time wasted scanning for problems.

Ruckus Wireless customer experiences

Simply Better Wireless, Ruckus Wireless.

Delivering consistent, reliable & scalable Wi-Fi is a tremendous concern for those tasked with that, let alone in a large scale and dynamically changing environment such as a transport hub, stadium or city. 

The approach of most WLAN manufacturers is to spray signal in an omni directional manner. But as you add more devices, real time requirements add more APs to ostensibly deal with the limitations that adds to the RF pollution & difficulty maintaining a consistent & reliable experience.

Ruckus went to market around the same time as the others but took a different approach. Rather than spray signal everywhere; the APs contain internal antennas of different orientations along with mathematical algorithms that select the best path at any given time. It focuses the RF energy to the intended target, resulting in the best performance; reduced AP count (and drops/ports & power); as well as the ability to dynamically shift as a user or device orientation shifts using a technique called Beamflex.

Typically, the AP count is reduced 20-50%. Scalability is greatly increased as the APs will handle 200-400 simultaneous sessions, well beyond traditional technology. Outdoor gear typically does not require external antennas which keeps aesthetics pleasing and TCO low.


  • Beamflex with adaptive polarized diversity optimizes antenna signal strength based on distance from the AP and device orientation (vertical or horizontal)
  • ChannelFly automatically monitors and selects the optimal channel if interference is identified
  • Capacity-Based Client Access Control ensures that currently associated clients are not impacted by potential extra traffic during periods of heavy load


  • Easy to use, deploy, maintain, and manage through superior RF capabilities.
  • Less IT manager involvement.
  • Licensing is 1 to 1 and can be ported to other models or platforms as they become available.
  • SmartZone management platforms.


  • Higher capacity and performance, twice the coverage at lower cost.
  • Lower up front CAPEX cost and ongoing OPEX cost.
  • No extra cost for included features.

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