For over two decades RIC Electronics has been working to provide our customers with a wide range of product choices to meet their industrial power needs. We are innovators in our field, and consistently work to provide the best solutions for the most reasonable prices. Our dedicated R&D teams continually work on new product designs, and ways we can meet the ever changing demands of a global, international marketplace.


The Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a solid state device that will conduct while voltage is applied to its gate and does not conduct otherwise. The single phase unit requires two SCR and 3 phase unit require 3 SCR packs. The SCRs are controlled to fire during specified periods to meet the demand required by the load. The firing sequence rectifies the input voltage before filtering. The filtering required is much less for the 3 phase unit compare to the 1 phase unit.

  • Efficiency : approx 85%
  • Power Factor : approx 90%
  • Higher radiated or conducted noise (RFI) compare to SR or Ferro.
  • Filtered with special electronic filter.
  • Low output ripple voltage
  • Current limit and short circuit protection required special circuitry for starting in short circuit
  • Smaller and lighter than SR and Ferro more cost effective in 3 phase configuration.
  • Standard life 15-20 Years with no maintenance
  • Magnetic life greater than 25 Years


Utilizing the latest switch-mode technology,the HB4?s compact design allows for Float and Equalize of 12V, 24V and 48V batteries. The HB4 charger accepts universal input voltage and incorporates digital control for optimized and customized output settings.

  • Wide range AC input (Optional DC input)
  • AC input and DC output breakers
  • Filtered output for valve regulated batteries
  • 4 mode equalize ? manual, 30 day, start up and AC fail
  • Form C alarm relays
  • Temperature compensation (Optional temperature probe required)
  • MTBF 200,000 hours