ProSense Power Protection Solutions


As the demand for zero down-time and reliable equipment reach an all time high, so to will the demand for reliable power. In many cases, unreliable power and surges can be the weakest link. Discover how our products can keep your equipment as well as your business functioning smoothly.

If you are experiencing unexplained anomalies with your equipment or computers, or you have power related issues ; then the white papers below will help you understand what is causing these issues and the best way to resolve them.


  • ProSense provides custom power solutions for your needs. 
  • Our solutions are not cookie cutter, they are unique for every business.
  • We will 100%  guarantee our solutions provided that you follow all our recommendations. You can rule out that power is the problem the next time that you have to troubleshoot. 

We partner with many OEM, manufacturers, IT and electrical companies to provide their clients with the best power quality solutions available.

We take care of the demanding needs in oil & gas, industrial, commercial, medical facilities, and server room applications.


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