Attendant Console

Attendant Console from UnitedCloud, gives you the ability to handle live calls on-the-fly with the ease of drag-and-drop. This intuitive interface makes it easy to drag calls to different call queues, call parks and automated attendants. You can even transfer calls directly to different users or extensions.

Attendant Console is sure to be a huge asset to those in receptionist or call manager roles, allowing them an easy-to-use visual interface for viewing and interacting with call flow.

It works great on desktops and feels like magic on a tablet. Imagine moving calls around with the touch of your finger. Now you can!


Office Managers and Advanced Users can access the Attendant Console by clicking or tapping the link at the top of the screen. Here’s a list of features and benefits the new update brings: 


  • Drag-and-drop to park calls in a dedicated Call Park zone.
  • Drag-and-drop to move calls to call queues or individual extensions.
  • Attendant Console opens in a new browser window or tab, allowing you to continue using the main portal window.
  • The responsive design dynamically adjusts as you resize the window. Resize the Attendant Console window next to your main portal window or any application window for constant monitoring.
  • The intuitive interface minimizes the need for extensive training.
  • Designed with touch screens in mind. Manage calls with the swipe of a finger!


· View user extensions and status at a glance.

· Sort users by name or extension.

· Filter users by department.

· Create and select custom groups of users for faster access to the most commonly used extensions.

· View call queues, and the number of Agents available per queue.

· Sort call queues by name, extension or number of available agents.

· Sort automated attendants by name or extensions.




· Incoming and parked calls appear as large easy-to-read, draggable boxes which highlight possible next actions.

· Make A Call button opens a large keypad, allowing you to make calls directly from the Attendant Console.

· Turn Dynamic Call Parking on or off, depending on your organization's call workflow. 

Parrked Calls